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Better Rate Mortgage can help you refinance your existing home loan without all the stress and hassle. If you’re ready to save money, shorten your loan, improve your financial future, or just get some much-needed cash, we can show you a better path to refinancing.

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Knowledge is power — the more you know, the better decisions you can make about purchasing the right home at the right time with the right loan.

June 18, 2021 by James Goldbeck
What You Need to Know About Refinancing Your Mortgage

For most families, their home is the largest investment they will ever make. As an investment, you should use your home wisely. Sometimes, this means considering refinancing your mortgage loan. There are several benefits to refinancing that you should consider. First, let’s learn more about refinancing your mortgage and what is involved.  What is Refinancing? …

June 18, 2021 by James Goldbeck
Popular Types of Mortgage Refinancing Loans

Refinancing your mortgage loan offers some significant benefits. Whether you need cash for a new project, are seeking to lower your payments or get a better interest rate, or need to shorten your loan term, there are options available. Better Rate Mortgage offers the following popular types of mortgage refinancing loans for clients looking to…

June 18, 2021 by James Goldbeck
What Do I Need to Know About a Refinancing Appraisal?

Part of refinancing your mortgage loan can be a refinance appraisal. This may seem a bit intrusive and repetitive, especially since an appraisal and home inspection were required before obtaining your initial mortgage loan. You may not understand why an appraisal is even necessary at this point.  Better Rate Mortgage wants you to understand every step…


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